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Digital Wound Imaging: Reducing Care Costs Through Early Detection


Is your organization overspending on wound care? 

Inaccurate wound assessments are an expensive problem for long-term care organizations nationwide. Studies show that when wounds are inaccurately assessed, the likelihood of inflated wound care expenditures increases significantly.

To optimize patient outcomes and reduce financial stress, your organization must invest in alternative solutions that can offer objective, real-time diagnostic information.

This whitepaper provides valuable insight into:

  • The financial and clinical impact of slow-healing wounds in long-term care
  • Data gaps that contribute to prolonged healing times and unnecessary use of supply
  • Remote wound care as a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for long term care organizations.

Bioburden delays wound healing; this has often challenged those in long term care prolonging expensive treatment. Digital fluorescent wound imaging is like having the answer key to an exam on delayed wound healing. Investment in technology coinciding with preventive protocols will avoid many unnecessary tasks and costs, creating a roadmap to improved outcomes, while alleviating much of the burden on care staff.

 - Michael Fragala, PhD, MBA, RN, WCC, CSPHP, AMS

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