Safe Patient Handling, Healthcare Spending & Patient Outcomes: A Visual Guide

Joerns Infographic


Interested in improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare spending in your long-term care facility?

Implementing SPHM programs have been proven to  improve patient outcomes and reduce injury related costs. 

This infographic provides valuable insight into:

  • The financial and clinical impact of preventable patient and staff injury
  • Case Study: How two facilities achieved zero lost workdays and workers’ compensation costs for patient handling injuries in less than a year

"Many who enter the healthcare field do so with the intention of providing care for those in need, but who is looking out for the caregiver to keep them safe? SPHM is of the upmost importance not only to protect the caregiver but to safely and comfortably complete daily tasks for optimal care. With the advances in technology and the incorporation of ergonomics these caregivers can have prolonged careers with reduced risk of injury while still completing their caregiving tasks.”

- Michael Fragala , PhD, MBA, RN, WCC, CSPHP, AMS


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